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Ningbo Baodi Plastic Valve Co., Ltd. is professional China Inspection Glass Manufacturers and Inspection Glass suppliers.Founded in 2006, the enterprise has established ISO9001 quality system to support the quality guideline: supported by Technology, Meticulously Researching, Professionally Manufacturing and Permanently Creating New Records. The first class production equipments and advanced manufacturing skills are introduced at the same time, involving KRAUSS-MAFFEL CPVC pipe production line and Haitian CPVC Plastic Molding Machine of 2800 tons. In order to ensure the quality of wholesale Inspection Glass, the raw materials like CPVC and PVDF are wholly imported from Noveon (USA) and Atofina (France).

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  • What are the precautions for installing FRPP pipes

    FRPP pipes, namely glass fiber reinforced polypropylene pipes, are widely used pipe materials in the industrial and construction fields. During their installation, a series of precautions must be strictly followed to ensure the normal operation and safety of the pipe system. Reasonable design is the...

  • What are the environmental requirements for the installation and maintenance of FRPP pipelines

    FRPP pipes, i.e. glass fiber reinforced polypropylene pipes, are an environmentally friendly material that also needs to comply with relevant environmental protection requirements during installation and maintenance.When installing FRPP pipes, environmental protection regulations must be strictly ob...

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    The hydraulic drive mechanism is a common drive method in automatic butterfly valves. It uses liquid as a power source and controls the movement of the valve through a hydraulic actuator. This drive mechanism is widely used in the industrial field and has the characteristics of high torque output, p...

  • How does the electric drive mechanism in the automatic butterfly valve work

    The electric drive mechanism is a common and widely used driving method in automatic butterfly valves. The opening and closing of the valve is controlled by the electric actuator to achieve remote control and automatic operation. In the automatic butterfly valve, the working principle of the electri...

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    As a common industrial valve product, plastic valves are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and other fields. As an important component, the connection method directly affects the sealing performance, service life and safety of the valve. When choosing the connection method, it...


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