Welding Rod Is A Type Of Electrode


A welding rod is simply the type of electrode used in S […]

A welding rod is simply the type of electrode used in SMAW (Stick) welding. Welding rod generally is a welding electrode which is having flux on itz outer periphery which is used in shielded metal arc welding.


Welding rod is the generic term that is used to refer to the filler metal or electrodes, which are used to join 2 other base metals when a welder is carrying out shielded metal arc welding, abbreviated as SMAW. A welding rod can either be consumable or non consumable in its use. A consumable rod melts or disintegrates to form the bonding material which holds two pieces of metal together. In contrast, a non consumable rod simply offers adequate catalytic reaction with the base metals, propagating their fusing in an atmospheric environment rich in oxygen. The types of welding rods available include:


Steel welding rods – These are the most common welding rods used these days because most of the materials that needed to be welded are made from steel. For this reason, welding rods come in various steel alloys to meet the needs of the welding processes being carried out.


Aluminum welding rods – They are utilized for welds that involve joining pieces of aluminum. They can also be utilized when joining aluminum alloys, which are dissimilar in nature.


Bronze welding rods – They are commonly used when brazing needs to be carried out when joining pieces of copper to other kinds of metals and repairing bronze pieces that may have sustained damage. The brazing technique utilizes bronze welding rods because they resist saltwater corrosion.


Composite welding rods – These rods have gained popularity as a result of the advancements taking place in welding technology. These welding rods contain 2 or more layers of material, which when combined results in a higher quality and stronger weld.