Butterfly valve installation attention and maintenance instructions

Summary:Notes on installation of butterfly valves: 1. During installation, the disc should stop at the closed position. 2. The o...

Notes on installation of butterfly valves:

1. During installation, the disc should stop at the closed position.

2. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly board.

3. Butterfly valves with bypass valves should be opened before opening.

4. The installation should be carried out according to the manufacturer's installation instructions. The heavy-weight butterfly valve should be installed with a solid foundation.

FRPP Wafer Lever Butterfly Valve

Storage, installation and use 1. The two ends of the valve diameter should be blocked and stored in a dry, ventilated room. For long-term storage, regular inspections should be carried out. 2. The valve should be cleaned before installation to eliminate defects caused during transportation. 3. The signs on the valve must be proofread during installation, especially the flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the flow direction marked on the valve. 4. For the electric disc valve, it should be noted that the power supply voltage connected must be consistent with the manual of the electric device.


Butterfly valve (imported butterfly valve) installation and maintenance instructions


1. After unpacking the butterfly valve, do not store it in a wet warehouse and open air, nor on a messy construction site.

2. The fittings on the pipeline should be adjusted in advance during installation.

3. There is no hard particles in the fluid passing through the pipeline, so as not to damage the sealing surface.

4. The pipeline cavity and sealing surface should be cleaned during installation.

5. The front of the valve is indicated as the direction of the medium.

6. When the valve is connected to the pipeline, a special flange for butterfly valve is required.

7. The inner hole of the gasket (circle) is required to be the same size as the flange hole of the pipeline to ensure that all the hexagonal screws on the end face of the butterfly valve (imported butterfly valve) are sealed to avoid plane leakage.

8. The electric and electro-hydraulic motors have adjusted the opening and closing strokes of the control machinery before leaving the factory. The user must manually open and close the 45-degree position before turning on the power for the first time, and then press the electric switch to check that the direction of the indicator plate is consistent.