The Advantages Of UPVC Pipe


PVC pipes are of different types and can be confused wi […]

PVC pipes are of different types and can be confused with one another. PVC and uPVC (Un-plasticised PVC) pipes are both made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), but some of their properties differ and therefore are suited in different applications.


Well, there are lots of advantages of uPVC pipes. 10 major advantages of uPVC pipe over regular pipe.


Corrosion Resistance - These pipes do not corrode and they are totally safe from alkalies, acids and electrolytic corrosion. This sets them apart from any other pipe materials.
Chemical resistance - They are non-flammable.
Reduced Failures and Blockages in Wastewater Pipelines
Quicker Installation time
Smooth bore allows high flow rates for water transfer
Leak free joints
Long service life - The longevity of these pipes are quite high.
Lower cost - These are very light weight and the cost is also a lot less than iron pipes. Because they weigh a lot less, the cost of transportation is also less.
PVC Pipes - Best pipeline choice for pipe under load - These pipes are flexible and the same time resistance to breakage.
Tree Root Intrusion Resistance- These pipes have very smooth bore and because of that Frictional losses will be minimum.