PVDF Is Available As Piping Products


Polyvinylidene fluroride (PVDF) has good wear resistanc […]

Polyvinylidene fluroride (PVDF) has good wear resistance and excellent chemical resistance, but does not perform well at elevated temperatures.


PVDF membrane filters are mechanically strong, exhibit superior chemical resistance, and high thermal stability. Available in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic options.


It is available as piping products, sheet, tubing, films, plate and an insulator for premium wire. It can be injected, molded or welded and is commonly used in the chemical, semiconductor, medical and defense industries, as well as in lithium-ion batteries. It is also available as a crosslinked closed-cell foam, used increasingly in aviation and aerospace applications. It can also be used in repeated contact with food products, as it is FDA-compliant and absolutely non-toxic.



• PVDF hoses
• Cleanroom PVDF tubing
• PVDF foil
• PVDF plate
• PVDF couplings
• PVDF staff
• PVDF tube
• PVDF rings