Purpose Of A Check Valve


Check valves are installed at the connection of home se […]

Check valves are installed at the connection of home sewer line to the city sewer line. When city sewer lines are filled to capacity, water from city sewer line tends to flow towards home sewer lines. Check valves suppliers functions here to stop this backflow of city sewer to home sewer lines.


Check valves directs/regulates the flow strictly in one direction only i.e. never in opposite direction even during pressure drop. The valve stops/check the flow in reverse direction.


The flow of water is controlled by means of a disc rising and falling onto a seat with the pressure (lift check).


They are valves that only allow flow in one direction such as in an old fashioned hand pump for a well they only allow water to flow up and prevent it from flowing back down.In a modern system it prevents the loss of the prime to the electric pump in event of a power failure or turning the pump off.


In a carburetor it allows fuel to flow in and not back down to the tank to keep fuel in the fuel float bowl ,without one way valves pumps become less efficient if they are pumps that cycle like a water supply or a house supply.


In urban area homes they may have check valves in the sewer lines to the municipal sewers to prevent backflow from city sewers in case of flooding when the sewer system is overwhelmed .It also makes sure your pee and poo water only goes out and your neighbors does not come in and flood your nice finished basement.