Primary Application Of Both PVC and uPVC Pipes


The primary application of both PVC and uPVC pipes is p […]

The primary application of both PVC and uPVC pipes is plumbing. Often, PVC pipe is used as an alternative to aluminium or copper pipes in plumbing, irrigation, and pool circulation systems.

As PVC pipes are not rigid, they can easily cut into desired lengths and can be fastened with glue. uPVC pipes, apart from plumbing application, is also used in heavy duty water transport and in the construction industry. uPVC pipes have a high tensile strength and are resistant to chemical and corrosion.

Although uPVC pipes are strong and rigid, they are relatively easy to work with. uPVC pipes from the leading manufacturers such as Skipper Limited have low weight and can be easily fitted using solvent cement.

One big perk of light-weight uPVC pipes is that the cost involved in transportation and installation can be reduced. uPVC pipes are also used as an alternative to metals in construction practices.

Both PVC and uPVC pipes are handled in the same fashion during the installation process. Both pipes can be cut using hacksaw blades and eliminate the need for using power tools. However, the joining solvent of the two types of PVC pipes may vary.