The alias and function of PVC plastic check valve

Summary:The alias and function of PVC plastic check valve  PVC plastic check valve can be called a one-way valve or a check valv...
The alias and function of PVC plastic check valve
 PVC plastic check valve can be called a one-way valve or a check valve. It is the action of allowing the flow of the medium itself to drive the valve flap of the valve to open and close. It is generally a valve that prevents the medium from flowing back, so it is also called a reverse valve Check valve, one-way valve, counterflow valve, etc., it belongs to automatic valve, commonly used one-way valve has spin-down type, rocker type, ball type, etc. It is mainly used to prevent the backflow of the medium or the release of the medium. Usually this kind of valve works automatically. Under the pressure of the medium flowing in one direction, the valve flap can be opened automatically. If the medium flows in the opposite direction, the pressure and the valve flap act on the valve seat to cut off the flow. This also includes centralizing different valve ways.
Plastic check valve Plastic check valve
PVC plastic check valves are widely used in the industry. Generally, in order to prevent the backflow of the fluid, plastic check valves are installed on the pipeline, but they are generally used for relatively clean media, some with solid particles and relatively high viscosity. is not available. There are also some points to pay attention to when installing. When installing on the pipeline, pay attention to the direction of the plastic check valve and the flow direction of the fluid, and avoid adding pipe joints and other components within the range of valve flap operation. blockage to prevent adverse effects on the valve body. If you want to avoid the breakage of the valve disc, then it is necessary to use a plastic material to make the valve disc check valve, that is, a plastic check valve. If there is a backflow of the medium, it is necessary to check whether the sealing surface is damaged, or impurities are trapped in the pipeline. It is necessary to repair the sealing surface in time and clean the impurities, so as to prevent the backflow of the medium.
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Because the valve body of PVC plastic check valve is relatively light, easy to install, has strong corrosion resistance, and has a wide range of applications, this kind of valve has been widely used in many pipeline systems, but it is difficult to install and use at the same time. During the process, it is necessary to regularly check or repair the valve to ensure that the valve can work normally and avoid affecting the pipeline system.