Bend Pipeline Around With PVC Elbows


If you need your piping system to get turn or get aroun […]

If you need your piping system to get turn or get around something in the way, you will need to bend your pipeline around with PVC elbows.

Elbows are most commonly available in 90-degree angles and 45-degree angles, so your pipeline can be directed however you want it. Side elbows are a slightly different piece that are commonly used as corners in projects such as canopies, tents, displays, and boxes. They have three ends instead of two. Most elbows have slip socket ends, but threaded versions are available.

PVC elbows are used to make angled turns (90° or 45°) in PVC pipe.

PVC elbows are known for easy installation and for providing years of maintenance-free usage for commercial, residential, industrial and utility applications. These elbows respond well to temperature and pressure change in the piping system.