Ball Valves Are Highly Used In The PVC Market


Ball valves are highly used valves in the PVC market. B […]

Ball valves are highly used valves in the PVC market. Ball valves are used to stop flow in the PVC Piping system. There are two different types of ball valves and they are compact ball valves and true union ball valves.


Compact Ball valves are a one piece ball valve that are manufactured with glue or threaded ends.


True Union Ball Valves come with union ends that are either socket or threaded and are used in more industrial application. True Union ball valves can be easily repaired or replaced in line because of the union ends that they are manufactured with.


These valves are popular in many applications because of the ease of working with the valve and the sturdiness of the valve. Ball valves come equipped with a handle that allows a quarter turn to cut the flow in the piping system off or on.


Check valves are used in systems to prevent backflow. The valves can come equipped two different ways. The first way is with a floating ball in it that will check up inside the valve once the flow is stopped in the system. The other way this valve is manufactured is using a swing check method. The valve comes with a flap inside of it that will allow media to flow through a certain way then the flap will close once the flow is shut off to prevent the media from changing directions. This valve will not allow backflow into the system when installed properly. The check valve will come with an arrow on it to denote which direction the flow is allowed to move.


Butterfly Valves are more commonly used in industrial applications. Butterfly valves offer a wide range of sizes that vary from 2” up to 24” and come in many body styles. Equipped with a study SS stem, these valves are offered in PVC, CPVC, PolyPro and Metal bodies. You can also choose from a wide range of disc that suits your application. Butterfly valves give contractors a lot of options to consider when putting in systems because of their functionality, durability, and size. Butterfly Valves are on/off valves but can be used to regulate flow but not at a precise rate. These valves come with lever handles, gear operators, or actuators for the operation of the valve. Butterfly Valves are installed using flanges and stud packs and can be disassembled easily for maintenance in line, replacement or repair of the valve.