Anti-static effect of PVDF tube

Summary:The temperature of PVDF tube directly affects the migration speed of anti-static molecules. Polar resins should use ioni...
The temperature of PVDF tube directly affects the migration speed of anti-static molecules. Polar resins should use ionic anti-static agents, and low-polarity non-ionic anti-static agents should be used for weak board or non-cast grease resistance. In actual use, the anti-static agent and the PVDF tube must have moderate compatibility. When the surface anti-static agent is discharged, the internal anti-static molecules can leak out of the surface in time to restore the anti-static effect. The interaction between PVDF antistatic agent and other PVDF tube agents will also affect the performance of its antistatic function.

The antistatic agent and lubricant are added at the same time, and the anti-static and non-combustible agent must be considered for their mutual influence. The function of antistatic agent is to reduce its surface resistance. Reduce or eliminate the static charge on the surface of the PVDF tube. The anti-static effect of the PVDF tube is affected by many factors. The added amount of antistatic agent for the formation of PVDF tubes and many external factors, especially the relative temperature of the environment, have varying degrees of influence on the antistatic effect of PVDF tubes. For the internal mixing type, the compatibility between the antistatic agent and the PVDF tube directly affects the antistatic function of the PVDF tube.

The traction drive of the PVDF pipe production line adopts stepless speed regulation and bus PG speed and closed-loop feedback speed functions to ensure the stability and speed synchronization of the whole line. The mechanical transmission adopts the first domestic planetary gear structure with independent intellectual property rights, which has high transmission efficiency, low noise and stable speed. PVDF pipe production line mold temperature control, in view of the problem of large mold temperature drift and instability, the temperature control adopts heating and cooling two-way PID control technology, adding overshoot suppression technology to the PID calculation to prevent temperature overshoot, and adopts dynamic PID parameter self-tuning and artificial The experience gap technology and the technology to remove the interference of cold and heat are added, so that the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5%.

The mold distribution adopts a multi-zone balance temperature control structure outside and inside the mold body to achieve temperature balance and local temperature adjustment functions. Due to the different calibers and specifications of PVDF pipes, the general spray system cannot adjust the spray cooling position and angle, which easily causes stress problems in pipe products, and because the spray angle cannot be adjusted, it is easy to produce watermarks and seriously affect the surface quality of the products. The product specification adjusts the spray angle to solve this phenomenon well.

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