A Check Valve Is Required For A Water Well


As a homeowner, the safe operation of your water well i […]

As a homeowner, the safe operation of your water well is a crucial element for your families health, safety, and convenience. It's important to understand the components that make up your homes water system in order to maintain it and keep clean fresh water flowing safely into your home.


Check valves are an important component of every submersible pump water system. Why are check valves important? First, they allow your water system to maintain pressure when the pump shuts off. They also prevent backspin, up thrust and help minimize water hammer (more on this later!).


There are several different check valve designs available. Let's take a look at which type of check valve may be right for you and a little more about the benefits of their proper operation.


What Does A Water Check Valve Do?


Check valves are designed to permit water to flow in one direction and are a requirement on all submersible pump installations. Their job is to prevent water in the column above the pump and in the pressure tank from draining back into the well when the pump shuts off.


Some submersible pumps have check valves built into the unit and are suitable for operation without an external check valve, as long as the pump is not set too deeply. If you're unsure, consult with your well water professional or the pump's manufacturer about your pumps proper application and installation.