what circumstances need to install maintenance valve for water supply pipeline?


(1) The exhaust valve is installed on the raised part o […]

(1) The exhaust valve is installed on the raised part of the pipeline bai, so that when the du pipeline is put into production or after the maintenance, the air in the pipe CPVC Non Return Swing Check Valvecan be discharged through the dao valve. It is usually used to eliminate the gas released from the water to prevent air from accumulating in the pipe, thereby reducing the cross-sectional area of the water and increasing the loss of the pipeline. Long-distance water pipes are generally laid along the undulating terrain, and exhaust valves are installed at high places.

   (2) A drain valve must be installed at the lowest point of the pipeline, which is connected with the drain pipe to remove the sediment in the water pipe and the water in the empty pipe during maintenance. In order to accelerate the drainage, the short-term pipe and the intake valve can be installed at the same time as needed.