What are the causes of damage to the valve sealing surface?


The valve is in the process of being blocked, and the v […]

The valve is in the process of being blocked, and the valve disc is in the process of returning to the seat, which will hit and crush the sealing surface, causing partial wear or indentation of the sealing surface. Erosion of the medium is the cause of wear, erosion, and cavitation on the sealing surface when the medium responds. The medium is at a certain speed, and the floating fine particles in the medium collide with the sealing surface, causing it to cause local damage. The high-speed response medium indirectly washes the sealing surface, causing it to form local damage. When the medium is mixed and locally vaporized, it will produce bubbles and blast. Hit the outline of the sealing surface and cause partial damage. The erosion of the medium combined with the chemical substitution effect will strongly etch the sealing surface.


In electrochemistry, the sealing surface is in contact with each other, the sealing surface is in contact with the blockade body and the valve body, and the concentration difference of the medium, oxygen concentration and other reasons, the potential difference occurs in the city, resulting in electrochemistry, so that the cathode is a round sealing surface. The chemistry of the medium, the medium far to the right of the sealing surface is in an environment where no power is generated, the medium indirectly chemically interacts with the sealing surface, and the sealing surface. Improper installation and poor maintenance have caused the sealing surface to be divergent. The valve is running sick and prematurely damaged the sealing surface. Damage caused by improper selection and poor performance. Secondary means that the valve is not selected according to the working conditions, and the shutoff valve should be

  Valve technical skills tips: the cause of the damage to the valve PVC Ball Valves Wholesalerssealing surface, valve technology saves valve utilization, resulting in too large blockage pressure and blockade too fast or blockade is not strict, so that the sealing surface is subject to erosion and wear. The processing quality of the sealing surface is poor, and it mainly means that there are cracks, pores and ballasts on the sealing surface, which are caused by improper selection of surfacing and heat treatment specifications and poor heat treatment in the surfacing and heat treatment process. The surface hardness is too high or too low, which is caused by incorrect material selection or improper heat treatment. The hardness of the sealing surface is uneven and intolerant. The main reason is that the underlying metal is blown during the surfacing process, which dilutes the sealing surface. Caused by the discount of gold. As expected, this inside also has the question of the conceived title. The reasons for the damage of the sealing surface can be summarized as follows. The reasons for the damage of the sealing surface are paid damage and natural damage. Damaged remuneration is caused by factors such as improper design, imperfect manufacturing, improper selection of materials, improper installation, inadequate use and inefficient maintenance.