How to install the foot flush valve and what is the principle?


First, equip the bai water inlet pipe 1 with the du mov […]

First, equip the bai water inlet pipe 1 with the du movable joint, loosen the zhi water joint 2 and put the nut on the dao pipe. After adjustment, zhuan will tighten the self-equipped movable joint shu head, and then tighten the water pipe nut, signal tube 5 Adjust and tighten with 3 joints.
After the valve body is installed, the water source should be connected to repeatedly check whether the joints are leaking, and finally the decorative board is installed and put into use.

Principle: There is a valve core that moves up and down in the valveFoot Valves Manufacturers body. The valve core is made of cast copper and plastic materials. It is composed of a pressure relief rod, a water inlet, a booster pinhole, and upper and lower sealing rubber rings. In normal conditions, the lower rubber ring and the water pressure in the water cavity of the valve body plus the gravity of the valve core work together to seal the lower rubber ring and the water outlet to block the waterway. After a person steps on the pedal, the pressure relief rod of the valve core deviates from the axis 3~ With an inclination angle of 5 degrees, the flushing port is connected to the water cavity of the valve body. At this time, at the moment when the static pressure on the upper part of the valve body water cavity is released, the pressure in the cavity is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and the water pressure in the pipeline pushes the valve core upward. , The pipeline water is connected with the water outlet to form a larger water flow and complete the flushing action. While flushing, the valve core moves up, the rubber ring on the valve core is sealed with the upper water cavity, and the pipe water passes through the φ1 mm pressurized water inlet pinhole behind the valve core water inlet filter to supply water to the pressurized water chamber. The increase of water pressure in the cavity forces the valve core to move down, and the rubber ring under the valve core seals the water outlet to achieve the purpose of delay.