How about the rigidity, pressure and temperature resistance of PVDF pipe?


The raw material of PVDF pipe is PVDF resin, which is p […]

The raw material of PVDF pipe is PVDF resin, which is processed into finished products through processes such as high temperature heating and pressure extrusion. Because the raw material is a relatively stable and pure polymer, the performance of the board itself is relatively stable. Due to the chemical inertness of PVDFPVC Elbows Manufacturers, it hardly reacts with any medium. But we still need to understand the detailed chemical properties in order to extend it to more application areas.

1. Good stiffness and pressure bearing capacity

PVDF sheet has high rigidity and pressure bearing capacity, but its smoothness and electrical insulation are slightly inferior. It has high strength and high toughness under low temperature conditions. PVDF is stable to chloride, bromide and energy rays. Both ester and ketone solutions can cause erosion at high temperatures.


2. Good temperature resistance

PVDF sheet has high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, outstanding UV resistance and weather resistance. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good creep resistance, good sliding and wear resistance, inherent low flammability, and good electrical insulation performance.

In addition, PVDF sheet also has some disadvantages, such as fluorine-containing smoke when burned, difficult to bond, etc., but it still does not prevent its wide application. And will have a broader application world.
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