Do you know the Principle of electric actuator mechanism of electric valve?


For the electric actuator mechanism of an electric valv […]

For the electric actuator mechanism of an electric valve, the broadest definition is to drive energy through a straight line or rotation, and it can be used intuitively under the control of a signal. This actuator can carry out certain planning for liquid gas, even electricity or other energy, to ensure the driving effect of the device without causing any trouble.


The basic principle is to use turning function or multi-turning drive. I believe that in the selection of electric actuator mechanism and electric valve special mechanism, the overall use and operation of the actuator will become more convenient. Now, during the execution of the control valve, the basic electric actuator mechanism first needs to be driven by the valve to make the fully open or fully closed mode more convenient.

The position of the valve must be precisely controlled to avoid insufficient control or the need for automatic use of control technology. In terms of manual operation, it is gradually replaced by mechanical or automatic equipmentFRPP Wafer Lever Butterfly Valve, and the use of electronic controllers will become a greater breakthrough.

The advantage of electric valve electric actuator mechanism is high stability. At present, many users have good use effects in terms of high stability and propulsion, and can achieve such a large propulsion, so it is necessary to use electric means to achieve.